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You can now make payments for various products and services without the need to visit an actual store or payment counter. Top-up your mobile phone credit & pay your utility bills via RakanPay starting today!
RakanPay Platform

What is RakanPay?

RakanPay is an e-Load and Digital Payment Service managed by Sitehandy Solutions company, that allows you to purchase & top-up your mobile prepaid credits, pay utility bills (e.g: Astro, TNB, Water, Telco, Unifi etc), buy soft-pin, International top-up or reload your online game credits.

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Miss Zuraida

Bakery Shop Owner
"I love RakanPay! I'm a bakery shop owner. I make more sales by offering my customers to purchase top-up and pay their utility bills via RakanPay platform!"

Why Must You Choose RakanPay?

To make your life easier! Why wasting your time lining up at the payment counter just to pay your bills or buying top-ups?

Why must you pay in full payments when you can get discounts for each bills and top-up that you buy? With RakanPay, you can save more money!

In addition to making bill payments or spending top-ups for your own self, you can also sell the top-ups and offer bill payment services to your neighbors, friends and family. It is easy to earn extra income with RakanPay.

Besides just making sales and get retailer profits, you can also earn a continuous overriding commissions for every sales and/or purchases that your friends and family make!
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How RakanPay Works?

It is Simple and Straight Forward

Pay Less & Save More Money with RakanPay!

Basically, each time when you perform a transaction, you will pay at a discounted rate. For instance, when you top-up RM10.00 for your mobile prepaid credit using RakanPay, you actually pay less than RM10.00.

This is how you can enjoy saving with RakanPay! Therefore, when you use RakanPay continuously, you will accumulate a handsome amount of saving along the way.

Never Let Your Phone Credits Reach 0.00 Anymore!

RakanPay Feature

Mobile Application

RakanPay application is available on Google Play and Apple Store. You can use your mobile phone to purchase prepaid top-up and pay your utility bills with only a few simple steps!

Easy Bill Payment

Bill payments done via RakanPay are instantly updated to the Service Providers. You are no longer need to worry about missing the due date of your bill payments.
RakanPay Feature
RakanPay Feature

Instant Reload

A pin-less electronic top up system that provides you an immediate top up for your prepaid credit at the point of sale. A very flexible denominations which you can replenish your mobile number credit within 5 minutes! No need to enter any PIN number to top-up.

Soft Pin @ Reload Pin

Soft Pin are a form of on-demand prepaid reload vouchers with PINs that are immediately printed electronically at retailer outlets. You can give the voucher to your customers if they ask for it.
RakanPay Soft Pin
RakanPay Signup

Sharing is Caring

Love to share RakanPay with your friends and family? Go ahead and register them via RakanPay application. You can also share your credits with them and earn overriding commissions when they pay their bills or purchase top-ups.

Best Discount Rates!

Remember, each time when you perform a transaction, you will pay at a discounted rate. For example 4% discount rate for Celcom. Therefore, for RM10.00 Celcom top-up, you will only be charged for RM9.60! If you sell to your customers, you will be earning RM0.40 extra income for each customers!

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