Account Login

Accessing Your RakanPay Account


RakanPay can be accessed using 2 methods.

For mobile application, you must first install the SRS Topup / SRS Mobile application.

  1. Android Device: PlayStore
  2. Apple Device: Apple Store

For the web-based application, there are 3 options of the login:

  1. For purchasing top-ups & bill payments, login URL:
  2. Dealer account (for managing the Basic account customers, products' discount rates, sales report, etc), login URL:
  3. Master account (for managing the Dealer account customers, products' discount rates, sales report, etc), login URL:


  1. Please DO NOT give any access information (your password or TAC number) if someone message, SMS, WhatsApp you asking for your details. We at RakanPay will NEVER ASK you your credentials. It is your responsibility to keep it for yourself.
  2. Please DO NOT respond and trust anybody if they offer you a special price to top-up your credit in RakanPay. Every bank-in transaction must be done via SRS Topup/Mobile application and the bank account holder should be Sitehandy Solutions. Never ever bank-in your money or transfer your RakanPay credit to anyone that you don't recognize. We will not be responsible if you lose your money / RakanPay credit.
  3. Our OFFICIAL server number is 011-5984-5921 and Helpline is 010-53535-69. Do not trust any mobile number other than what we have mentioned here even though they are claiming they are from RakanPay. Be careful!

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